Mark Doty
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Me and Ned photographed by Peter Lau, July 2010


An essay on poetry, public grief and 9/11, from the Poetry Foundation's website, 2006

RETURN TO SENDER: Memory, Betrayal and Memoir. An essay from The Writers' Chronicle, 2005

SOULS ON ICE: An essay on the process of composing a poem

INFERNAL SYMPATHIES, an essay on Halloween, devils, Blake, rebelliousness and joy, from Lodestar Quarterly, 2004

FORM, EROS AND THE UNSPEAKABLE: Whitman's Stanzas. An essay on Walt Whitman's poetry from The Virginia Quarterly Review, 2005

Photo by Star Black, December 2007, New York City


"Signal," a poem from SCHOOL OF THE ARTS, (HarperCollins, 2005)

"At the Gym," a poem from SOURCE (HarperCollins, 2002)