Mark Doty
Dog Years

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Ned, a two year old golden retriever, and George, a six month old Bedlington terrier.

Praise for DOG YEARS:

One of the things that has been constant about Mark Doty's work, poetry and prose, is his intense search for the exact word or phrase, of whatever issue, which lead him (and us) into the very furnace of meaning within the human story. It might be the color of the inside of a shell of a mussel found on the beach; it might be the recognition that the heart that feels close to dying might not die, if the will can be fed just a little. 
                                                    Mary Oliver, PROVINCETOWN ARTS
...Doty brilliantly captures the qualities that make dogs endearing. The unjudgemental state of connectedness in which they seem to live is, he feels, "a cure for our great, abiding loneliness."
                                                    THE NEW YORKER, April 2, 2007

Marley and Me for the cerebral. 
                                                    PEOPLE Magazine, March 12, 2007

'The fact that I know that stories of faithful dogs are kitsch does not in the least diminish their power," notes poet and memoirist Doty, who goes on to write something rather amazing... While Doty is clearly fond of animals, his boundless affection is tempered by graceful observations.. His warm commemoration of the lives of Beau and Arden makes... a profound reflection on hope, and a song of praise for the dead.
                                                    Starred Review, KIRKUS REVIEWS

DOG YEARS shows both the abundant pleasures and unavoidable heartbreak of loving people, life, and especially dogs. As someone who is in love with a dog, I found this book to be an oracle of truth. For those who have yet to love a dog, it will be a revelation.
                                                    Ann Patchett

Mark Doty moves lyrically from the weight of a dog's head in one's hand to the enduring questions of religion, the soul, and connection. Evocative, compassionate, a love story both intimate and grand, this is a beautiful book.
                                                    Amy Hempel

DOG Years is about dogs, that is to say, about everything we cannot talk about. Although Mark Doty manages to write about what he calls the 'unsayable' about our relationships with animals, and about unspeakable times of loss, DOG YEARS is not a dark book. It is illuminated from within by gorgeous wonder.
                                                    Louise Erdrich

BookSense pick for April:
DOG YEARS : A Memoir, by Mark Doty
(HarperCollins, $23.95, 9780061171000 / 006117100X) "This beautiful memoir
rings with truth, and great writing. From the very first page, Doty's careful observations -- and his intricate confrontation of loss, love, and the nearly unsayable bonds between dogs and humans -- catch you up in a world illuminated by his elegant language and steady gaze."           
        Lilla Weinberger, Readers' Books, Sonoma, CA

Beau and Arden on the beach in Provincetown, 1995



From O: The Oprah Magazine, March 2007:

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With members of the audience at Readers' Books, Sonoma, CA, April 07


Arden in the Provincetown garden, 2003

A sled team pulling Mark and Paul through an Alaskan forest